I have enjoyed taking photographs for some years becoming more dedicated after joining the Royal Society of Photography.
After being awarded The Royal Societies Licentiateship Distinction in 2009 I began to use macro as my main format. I wanted to create a style of my own that considers shapes,colours and form that relate in a frame
For me photography is not just the art of trying to create beautiful images, but also the art of seeing.
Macro gives me the opportunity to be creative with just the use of the camera.

In 2013 I was awarded the societies Associate Distinction in visual art with a panel of 15 images. They were
images of flowers but moving away from traditional flower photography.My panel tried to capture the complex
beauty that lies beneath the surface of a flower in its process of decay.I was given a great deal of praise and
encouragement from the committee when I attained my ARPS.This gave me the impetus to move forward with
the challenge to exhibit the possibilities of the use of macro to visual art further.It seemed natural to try to
progress to a fellowship with a body of work that would also be thought provoking.

In my mind I knew what I wanted to do; convey some element of the coastal environment using macro.The
challenge was how;I wanted it to be in a artistic style. Living in a coastal village most of my life I have spent
time visiting local harbours and fish markets.While there I have been drawn to the vibrant colours ,textures and
shapes of the fish which I felt reflected their environment.Its those visits that inspired me to use small parts of
the surface of a variety of fish and using natural light to convey that environment.The discipline of producing a
panel of 21 macro images gave me the opportunity to create an imaginative style, exploring different ways
of seeing land and seascapes within a coastal area.The panel evolved over a period of two years due to my
constant reassessment, aiming to achieve the right balance of colour,light and consistency throughout.It was
quite challenging trying to create the illusion of reality looking through a viewfinder onto a 5cm square
The panel of three rows: Forms and colours of the eroding cliffs as they interact with the sea.
I have used ice to give the feeling of movement of the fish on the surface of the sea.
The reflecting light,colours and movement of the marine flora and organisms on the seabed

In November 2015 I was awarded my Fellowship of which I feel honoured and proud.